Recent Study Finds Animals Migrating at Faster Rates

Calling it Quits; Animals Leaving Home for Cooler Temperatures, Study

The video shows a vacationing woman standing in the shallows. She points at the water rising around her ankles, climbing to her knees, then her thighs. Cut to the camera shaking as her boyfriend runs from the incoming wave. The camera careens back and forth, catching a glimpse of the woman running ahead, the cameraman’s feet, or locals running for higher ground – all the while screams and confused shouts are captured on the audio track. Minutes later a wall of water surges inland, washing away houses, trees, and people. It was a sunny morning when the tsunami hit Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka in 2004. No one knew it was coming.

Except for the animals. About an hour before the tsunami hit, elephants trumpeted and charged into the rainforest, bats suddenly took flight, and pets hid inside their homes. Relatively few animals died in the wave compared to the quarter million people who lost their lives. Read more…

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