Can’t Wait for “I am a Scientist” at the Rochester

After talking with Crystal Hartman, a member of Panoply Art Collective in Durango, I cannot wait to see “I am a Scientist” tonight at 5 p.m. Panoply’s process for creating this show sounds absolutely fantastic. I wrote a preview in The Herald. Read more about it!

5 women, 1 night, a hotel, Panoply, The Durango Herald

Audiences, be forewarned. Mayhem is scheduled tonight at the Rochester Hotel. The newly formed Panoply Art Collective will present “I am a Scientist,” a five-woman collaborative effort of mixed media, science experiments and performance art. This spring, Crystal Hartman, Chelsea Kemp, Rachel Anderson and Minna Jain sat down for a cup of tea in Darcy Alden’s Durango home. They were interested in “working together, creating artworks with similar aesthetics, ideals of quality and concept, and creating stories and conversations,” Hartman said. Read more…

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