Tarot Cards and Muses

Bischoff Channels the Muse, The Durango Herald

Anyone who has ever held a pen to an unwritten stanza or a paintbrush to an empty canvas knows the terror of losing one’s artistic identity to a creative block. Though the muse never truly packs her things and leaves, finding her again can at times feel like stumbling through King Minos’ labyrinth.

Enter Theseus to make sense of it all: Artist Jude Bischoff will deliver a lecture tonight at the Rochester Hotel and Leland House called “The Creative Muse, Channeling Inspiration into Amazing Results.” Read more…

Tarot Comes to Life at Mancos Opera House, The Durango Herald

If Miss Cleo prophesying your fate in a fake Jamaican accent isn’t your idea of a good fortune, “The Living Tarot Oracle” might have the answer (and perhaps a few more.) Last year’s interactive tarot reading will return for another shot at divining love interests and job prospects this weekend at the historic Mancos Opera House. Read more…

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